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Summer Slump

Lois Lane here…checking in.

Whew, you all are giving me quite the summer vacation–my desk has been EMPTY!

Don’t forget to send any news-worthy pieces my way!


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Off Key

Lois Lane here, and I need to vent.


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Ok ladies (and maybe a few gents?) It’s been a pleasure to report for you–remember, I’m here if you need me.

Today’s post is a “Lois vents” post…wherein you will read my own personal vent–but this specific post is not so much a vent, as it is a confession. A dirty little secret…


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PowerPoint Punch

Telling jokes and playing jokes are two different categories in my mind. I can appreciate a good joke-I even enjoy the really dirty ones! But, I don’t like the playing kind. There is too much risk involved: it may be funny to you, but not to the person who is the recipient of the joke.

I prepared myself mentally yesterday, knowing I would be a victim of a fool’s joke at some point. My boss came by to tell me I had to move my office: ha, ha-April Fools. A gossip magazine reported they were going out of print: ha, ha-April Fools. I get an e-mail from a friend with an attachment labeled “We’ve got news!”

This friend. She is one of my real-life pals that I had an easy time telling about our infertility struggles. She was very willing to listen, and didn’t spout off advice or ask inappropriate questions. She has a little girl who is 2–she was an “oops” baby, and she was born right around the time we started trying. No biggie. A few days ago she sends me an instant message that says “we are trying again.” I have to admit that it caused me to have a bit of a lump in my throat.

Me: that’s exciting! I’m sure ___ will love having a little sibling
Her: well, now I can sympathize with you because I have had to count my days for the past month
Me: oh ok
Her: and my doctor decided to give me a medicine to help me get pregnant fast
Me: (wanting this same medicine!!!)
Her: its that stuff klimoid
Me: (letting out a sigh….) you must mean Clomid
Her: yea! thats it–but ____doesnt want me to take it because I will have triplets if I do. Can you imagine if I had triplets?

I sort of tuned out at this point, and wondered where my sensitive, sympathetic friend had gone…

So the punch came yesterday, making me an April Fool. I log in to my email and immediately see this new message with the title “We’ve got news!!” There is no way I can keep my hand from clicking the mouse to open it. So I sit watching a 6 slide power point show of my friend’s little girl announcing she is going to be a big sister. Of course the last slide says: “April Fools-ROTFLOL, we will be announcing the REAL news soon-because I am going to get pregnant with triplets! I know I told you the other day when we talked that I wasn’t going to take that what-cha-callit medicine, but we’ve decided I should, so that I dont have to get pregnant a third time-whew! We are so excited!”


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