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Lois Lane, I presume?

I wanted to avoid posting the first entry on April Fools, but alas.

This blog is by no means a joke.

But this must perpetuate some sort of hesitancy from you as a reader when Im asking you take my word for it, on a day when jokes and tricks are everywhere.

I guess you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to know that I am telling the truth.

There is a side of me that is hidden, partly because of whom I have chosen to share my story with in another on-line-journal . My own fault, I know.

It makes me sad that I have lost faith in people that I trusted to be gentle about our efforts to become parents. But it also makes me angry. I have dealt with quite a few jabs in the jugular up to this point, but in the past few weeks I’ve been knocked down hard: and I’m finding it harder to get up.

So here is a space to vent and get it ALL out. I’ve chosen to blog under the pseudonym: Lois Lane. What a kick-ass broad; she doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap–not even Superman. She’s brass, loud, stubborn and better yet: she’s a writer and a reporter.

This is not a space to replace Mel’s One Smart Mama. (cause she is one smart Mama) Let’s just say this is Mama’s Harley-driving-cigarette-smoking-cousin.  (with Mel’s permission!)

I’m gonna vent. You’re gonna vent. E-mail me a grievance/issue/sob-story that you may not feel comfortable posting on your blog. All entries will remain anonymous. You’ll just get the much-needed support from this community who understands.

A sneak peak at tomorrow’s headline: “PowerPoint Punch”


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